Flooring Installation

The most important step purchasing your new floor covering is a professional flooring installation.

Flooring installation offers you great peace of mind. You can rest assured that your chosen materials will be installed to perfection, especially around doors and entryways, on staircases, and in oddly shaped areas. Our installers have the experience necessary to combat any problems that might come up as well, including the need for subfloor repair. If this happens, you will be alerted immediately and a full consult will be conducted.

In preparation for your flooring installation, you can choose to move heavy pieces of furniture, wall art, and other room decor. You can also opt to remove the old flooring yourself, should you choose to undertake the project. All of these things will help hasten the overall process, getting your installers in and out more quickly.

Click N Lock Tiles 

Our Click N Lock tiles come with advanced Wel-Lock technology that enables the tiles to easily fit against one another through a unique locking mechanism. This ensures strong locking at the joints and makes installation a quick and effortless process. Click N Lock tiles can be laid in less than a day without any dust / noise.

Carpet Tiles

Our Carpet Tiles are available in a variety of vibrant designs and help in creating customized floors. They are easy to install and even easier to manage. Carpet Tiles are India’s first anti-viral* soft flooring solution and eliminate 99.68% of viruses. It also absorbs C02 thereby reducing indoor pollution and improving the air quality of the space.

Depending on the site of tile installation, Carpet tiles are installed by our trained professionals using pressure-sensitive adhesive or adhesive tape. Check out the tiles installation process below to know more.

Wall To Wall carpet

When it comes to striking a great ‘first impression’ of beauty and prestige, our Wall to Wall Carpets are above everything else. They splendidly enhance the look of any space and give a feeling of distinction in interior design. Our Wall to Wall Carpets are also India’s first anti-viral* soft flooring solution which eliminates 99.68% of virus.

It’s important to get the flooring installation right in order to bring out the true elegance of Wall to Wall carpets. Trained professionals follow a checklist of practices to install them correctly. Flooring installation is carried out in 2 different methods – installation using permanent adhesive (with or without EPE foam underlayement) or stretch-in installation. Read the detailed process of tiles installation below to know more.


Our Greens look as real as natural grass. Ideal for sports arenas, commercial applications, residential terraces and gardens, it is easy on maintenance too. No watering, weeding, mowing or even patching up needed. It’s easy to install and drains out rain water easily.

The flooring installation process for Greens can be broadly classified under 3 different heads, namely – Preparing the area, Installing the base & Installing the lawn. Professionally trained installers carry out the below-mentioned steps to ensure proper installation that also aids in the flooring’s longevity.

green carpet installtion